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Hyper Speed Racing Simulator Arcade Machine

Hyper Speed Racing Simulator Arcade Machine

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  • An incredible racing experience.
  • Full Immersion game play.
  • Easily change between racing and flying games.
  • Fun for the entire family.
  • Latest design and operating systems.
  • Every Man Cave or Diva Den Needs One of these incredible machines.
  • 100% Australian built quality.
  • The ultimate income game play experience.

Seat Colour
  • Fast Support
  • Custom Products
  • Australia Wide Shipping

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Shipping time is approx 2-10 days after build competition depending upon shipping location.

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  • 32 Inch Monitor

    This massive full gaming 32" monitor creates a mind blowing playfield allowing you to have greater game immersion.

  • Powerful Speakers

    The 200W Dual speakers will blow your socks off while engaging in your favourite driving or flying game.

  • Racing Style Wheel

    Powerful dual-motor force feedback realistically simulates force effects so you can respond immediately and accurately whilst driving.

  • Racing Pedals

    Your Pedals allow you to comfortably accelerate, brake and change gears with the realistic feel of an actual car.

  • Latest Spec Graphics Card

    Games load faster and run smoother with this high end latest spec graphics card.

  • Racing Seat

    Play in comfort for hours with this stylish and comfortable racing seat and you even have a choice of colours to select from.

There is nothing on the market that can compare to your new Hyper Speed Racer Simulator Arcade Machine. Your machine is 100% Australian built to ensure quality and reliability, no cheap reproduction knock offs here.

Revive your inner daredevil with the Hyper Speed Racer Arcade Machine! Feel the rush of adrenaline from the comfort of home as you steer your way through classic racing simulators.

This enhanced machine features...

  • 2 year limited warranty
  • 32" ISP Gaming Monitor
  • Latest XBox X console
  • FREE 12 games pass subscription
  • Logitec G920 Racing Wheel
  • Logitec G920 Manual / Auto Shifter
  • Logitec Racing Pedels
  • Typhoon Raid Gaming Race Seat (reclines & two tone fabric)
  • Speaker System with 2x 200W speakers (Kenwood or high end brands available at time of build)
  • 400 Watt Amp
  • Incredible Hyper Speed Racer designed cabinet artwork.
  • Light up marquee
  • Perspex Screen cover
  • 16mm MDF (Australian polytech)
  • 18mm T moulding
  • Checker plate flooring
  • External USB port 
  • Easy-to-use Selection Menu
  • Machines are 100% Brand New

Relive your childhood memories of classic arcade racing simulators and bring the excitement of competitive racing directly to your home with the Battle Pod Racer Arcade Machine.

These machines are crafted using premium components and custom-built in Australia to provide optimal performance, appeal, and user experience.

  • The 32" ISP Gaming monitor provides amazing graphics
  • The steering wheel has been engineered for the perfect driving experience.
  • The dual-motor force feedback, stainless steel paddle shifters and hand stitched leather wheel give a realistic driving experience.
  • The Adjustable floor pedals let you accelerate, brake and change gears.
  • The shifter can be used in Manual or Auto (simply select your favourite) making you feel like you are driving one of the most powerful cars without leaving the comfort of your own home.

This Racing Simulator Arcade Machine boasts a modern design and incorporates powerful, cutting-edge technology for an unparalleled driving experience. This model combines classic updated lines with the latest tech, providing an unforgettable ride that will bring enjoyment to all who try it.

Feature packed with driving and race simulator games like F1 racing Forza Horizon Dirty 2.0 and more you won't be struggling for variety and all powered by a XBox X


Experience the thrill of competition with our Dual Play racer, connecting two machines without the need for cables through steering wheel controls.


Feedback is felt through the force feedback steering wheel (in supported games). Feel your tires on every turn and type of terrain, For drifting over or understeer. Powerful dual-motor force feedback realistically simulates force effects so you can respond with precision.

The total length of the machine off the wall once assembled together is 1580mm. 
The maximum width is 770mm and the height is 1810mm. 

  • Length:  158CM
  • Width:    77CM
  • Height:   181CM
  • Weight:  120Kg


You can add more and more games to your machine through XBox store or by just downloading and installing the games.  Adding games to the front end is super easy.

* Shipping Estimator price is for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Canberra Metro.
If you are ordering from other cities or regional areas you will need to contact us for a shipping price by phone. 
* If you are interested in saving money on shipping ask us about our collect from Depot option.

Choose from a variety of designs like:

  • Hyper Speed Racer
  • Desert Racer
  • Lewis Hamilton
  • Racing Battle Pod 
  • Race Rampage
  • We also have some limited offer artwork designs should you want something a little more exclusive.

    Thank you for helping us to support local businesses

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Where is my Racing Sim built?

      Your machine is completely custom built here in Australia for each customer, it is not a cheap import from China.

      Is my machine brand new?

      Yes every part included in these build are brand new straight out of the box, no second hand parts are used. This ensure quality and reliability.