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Mini Keg System 2.0

Mini Keg System 2.0

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  • Simplicity that works.
  • Perfect for your parties.
  • Finally one touch pouring perfection.
  • Pours on its side or standing up.
  • The ability to refill at 100's of Breweries.
  • Unlimited drink options.
  • Perfect carbonation level (no flat beer).
  • Easy size selection.

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  • Multi Gas Regulator

    Keep the perfect level of carbonation or nitrogen infusion, allows use of adapters to suit SodaStream, 2.2L disposable and large refillable (type 30) gas options.

  • Select The Perfect Keg Size

    Choose the keg size that best suits your needs.

  • Perfect Pouring

    Press harder to fill that pint quickly with a perfect head, softer to cascade a cocktail into your martini glass. simple one button operation.

Are you a true beer enthusiast looking to enjoy the perfect draft beer experience from the comfort of your home? The Mini Keg System 2.0 is here to take your beer enjoyment to new heights.

Your New Mini Keg System Includes:

  • One touch perfect pouring.
  • Pours on its side or standing up (quickly change between the 2).
  • The ability to refill at 100's of Breweries.
  • Unlimited drink options (espresso martini, nitro coffee, cider, G&T, margaritas osoft drinks & more).
  • Perfect carbonation level (no flat beer).
  • Multigas Regulator.
  • Perfect Mini keg size to suit your needs.
  • Full user manual
  • Up to 5 year manufacturers warranty

Here are some great examples of occasions previous customers have purchased for:

  • Unique 40th or 50th birthday gift,
  • Christmas present,
  • Anniversary gift
  • Father's or Mother Day gift.
  • I'm sorry present.
  • Leaving the company gift.
  • People going on extended road trips.
  • setting up a new Man Cave.
  • There are many many many more applications for this great product.

 Introducing iKegger 2.0: The Ultimate Tap System for Perfect Pouring! 

 Are you ready to elevate your pouring game to the next level? Look no further! With the iKegger 2.0, you'll experience a revolution in pouring convenience and versatility. Let's dive into what makes the iKegger Mini Keg 2.0 is the perfect Mini Keg for parties and events.

One Touch Perfect Pouring:  Designed with you in mind. The intuitive tap system ensures that anyone, yes anyone, can master pouring in minutes! The magic is in our precise tap control – press harder for a swift pour with the perfect head, or go softer to create a mesmerizing cascade effect in your martini glass. Every pour becomes a work of art!

Get Sideways Fast: Imagine pouring your favorite brew with ease, whether your keg is standing upright on the bench or chilling sideways in your fridge. With a quick twist of the spout, the iKegger 2.0 adapts effortlessly to any pouring scenario. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional keg setups – we're giving you pouring freedom like never before.

Beer As It Should Be: Picture this: your keg filled to the brim at local breweries, or conveniently transferring from commercial kegs. No more bottling hassles from your homebrew – let iKegger Mini Keg 2.0 be your solution. And yes, you can even pour in cans and still enjoy that authentic pub-like experience wherever you are. Cheers to enjoying your favourite beverages the way they were meant to be!

Unlimited Drink Options: The exclusive tap design unleashes a world of possibilities. Hosting a dinner party? Serve up espresso martinis with a single touch. Busy mornings? Nitro coffee awaits in your fridge. Craving variety? Enjoy cider, G&T, margaritas, or even craft your own sodas – all on tap! The iKegger 2.0 is your gateway to a versatile, beverage-filled world.

Experience the iKegger 2.0 Difference: This isn't just a tap system – it's a game-changer for your pouring experience. Elevate your gatherings, enjoy your drinks just the way you like them, and be the envy of your friends with the most innovative pouring solution on the market.

Act Now: Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your pouring experience. Upgrade to the iKegger 2.0 today and make every pour an event to remember.

Maintain the Freshness: Say goodbye to flat, lifeless drinks! With the cutting-edge multi-gas mini regulator, you can now keep the perfect level of carbonation or nitrogen infusion all the way down to the very last drop in your keg. Experience the crisp and bubbly goodness in every sip.

Get Gassed in Style: Don't be fooled by its compact size – our multi-gas regulator is a powerhouse that can do everything its larger counterparts can do, and then some! Designed to impress, this device is ready to elevate your beverage experience.

Versatility at its Finest: Our multi-gas regulator doesn't settle for limitations. It's equipped to handle a variety of gases with ease. Out of the box, you can enjoy the convenience of using disposable bulbs of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, or even nitrous oxide. Whether threaded or unthreaded, we've got you covered.

Adapt to Your Needs: And that's not all! The threaded inlet of the regulator opens up a world of possibilities. It's compatible with adapters that suit popular gas bottle types, including SodaStream, 2.2L disposable options, and even the larger refillable (type 30) gas bottles. Choose the refill method that's wallet-friendly and environmentally conscious.

Why not check out the Drip trays, neoprene sleeve or keg stands to make life cleaner and easier.

Please note: silver mini kegs are not insulated however you can add a neoprene sleeve and black mini kegs are insulated.

Please Note: Fixed shipping price is for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Adelaide if you live in, NT, WA, Tasmania and regional areas please contact us at for an accurate quote.

Thank you for helping us to support local businesses


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my 2.0 come with everything I need?

It has everything you need to get started apart from the type of gas bottle you need.

Can I keep my Mini Keg in the fridge?

Yes you can lay it down or stand it up for ease of use you may like to think about the Keg Stand so if your keg is on its side it won't roll around.

What the difference between the silver and black mini kegs?

The silver Kegs are the original and they are not insulated meaning they don't stay cold for as long and the black option which is double walled and has the black insulation around it. You can also get a neoprene sleeve for the Silver option to keep it colder longer.