The Diva Den - A Woman's Answer to the Man Cave

The Diva Den - A Woman's Answer to the Man Cave

We love it in Australia, and it is the same the world over, our men have their Man Caves and we have our Diva Dens.  We need our space; one that is designed just for our time and for the friends & family in our lives to enjoy our Den. 
Designing a Diva Den, allows ourselves as the woman of the house, our own opportunities to define the space to relax in and entertain and we love it! 

We have so many friends that have created their own office space that enables a work from home in their own Diva Den style. A room that serves as an office space is perfect for the creative spirit. Some Decor Inspirations Here

Diva den furniture online

As we know a Diva Den doesn’t necessarily have to literally be a Den as a separate room to the home. Why not a bedroom or an unused living area in the home or an outdoors option. We are industrious women and choose to claim the garage as our Diva Den if needed, don't forget sometimes "Its not always the frills its the thrills".

furnishings for my she den

We can go glamorous and opt for a space in which we can pamper ourselves and feel like a queen with classic furnishings, maybe a massage chair or some elegant décor.

Or we can choose a different style for our Diva Den; one that makes us feel comfortable and affords the opportunity to unwind and invite our friends over for a girls’ night in at the Bar. Our Diva Den space can be contemporary and also very sleek and comfortable.

Whether it’s our living room, a spare bedroom, the garage or the backyard, the Diva Den calls to women who just want a space of their own. We want a space that is reserved just for us anytime of the day or night. The Diva Den is not only the female answer to the man cave, it is the answer for ouselves.
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