Why Every Man needs a Man Cave!

Why Every Man needs a Man Cave!

Who wouldn’t want a dedicated space personalised just for themselves, surrounded by cool stuff that makes them happy and reflects their personality and interests, even if it doesn’t fit in with ‘her décor’. Surely everyone wants a sanctuary where no little kids are allowed, big kids only!

The Dens why everyman needs a Man Cave

Below are just some of the compelling reasons why everyman needs a Man Cave:
A place to unwind and de-stress. Many of us have high stress jobs and spend long hours at work. Work and life related stress can build up over time and make  you a little unpleasant to be around. After a big day at work there’s nothing better than a quiet retreat where you can just sit and relax in a reclining massage chair or comfy sofa with a drink and unwind. Being able to block out the rest of the world and focus on what you want to do will no doubt help to relieve some of the stresses you face from day-to-day life. Clearly, if Man Caves serve as such an important aspect in stress relief, it may be more critical than most people think.

Why everyman needs a man cave

Ensuring he has plenty of ME time.

Even in the strongest and healthiest relationships it’s vitally important for men and women to get some valuable ME time. This seems especially important for men. John Gray, author of the famous Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus series says that there is a part of the brain that helps us to interpret time and space. That part of the brain is much larger in men than it is in women. Which means that men have a much bigger awareness of the need for space and time to themselves, ME time! Imagine relaxing in a comfy armchair with a good book, or perhaps play a classic tune on your Jukebox. Perfect!

A place to display all his favourite things.
There aren’t many female partners who want to see a Tireflator – air meter or a petrol bowser in their lounge room, or even hard-earned trophies on display, gathering dust. This is where the Man Cave comes into its own. With carefully selected storage units, shelving or bookcases men instantly have a space to store their loved collections, and to display their ideal wall art, such as cool
surfboard art or even an unusual petrol bowser top globe.

Having a games room and bar

Imagine a room full of fun stuff, arcade machines, a pool table and pinball machine. How great would that be? Then mix it up with a bar complete with retro bar stools. Serve up cold draught beer from your own kegerator or a chilled wine straight out of a temperature-controlled wine fridge. Add some friends and serve warm! You will be the envy of all your mates. Who needs to go to the pub when they can come to your Man Cave!!


You must be doing a happy dance right now because you FINALLY have something to show your partner that proves you MUST have a Man Cave for the sake of your health and to help declutter her space, which let’s face it is the rest of the house!

Now, all you need to do is start finding a suitable space for your Man Cave. If the Spare Room is taken, then consider modernizing your garage or even build a shed in your back yard. The world is your oyster. This is YOUR space, have fun, and don’t forget the comfy chairs.

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