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Mini Oak Barrel Plain

Mini Oak Barrel Plain

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  • Make your bar area really special.
  • Customise this amazing little gift.
  • This is the real deal a genuine barrel.
  • You will love showing this off with pride.
  • Create the perfect flavour in your perfect drink.
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  • Laser Etched Logos

    Clean and accurate etching ensures your barrel looks and clean and refined as possible.

  • Select Your Metal Ring Colour

    choose the metal ring that best suits your decor.

  • 2 Tap Options

    Choose from Brass or Wood to change the look and feel of your Barrel.

The Plain Mini Oak Barrel is a Multi Use genuine certified mini Barrel. Popular as a classy addition to your Man Cave or Diva Den, or to serve & age your favourite liquor or wine.

Benefits of your barrel:

  • Unique gift idea.
  • Cost effective aging.
  • Enhanced flavour maturation.
  • Small batch creation.
  • Customised aging

Did you know:Smaller barrels age faster than larger barrels. Smaller barrels have a higher surface-to-volume ratio, and as a result age and flavor the contents more quickly than a larger barrel. This means you can replicate the years-long aging done by large wineries and distilleries in a matter of mere months.

Here are some great examples of occasions previous customers have purchased for:

  • Unique 40th or 50th birthday gift,
  • Customised Christmas present,
  • Anniversary gift
  • Father's or Mother Day gift.
  • I'm sorry present.
  • Leaving the company gift.
  • Pubs wanting a furniture piece with their brand logo on it.
  • Wedding prop that becomes a gift.
  • There are many many many more applications for this great product.

Your Oak Barrel is a perfect gift idea for someone special and you are struggling to find the perfect gift. It is also a terrific way to spoil yourself if you're someone who loves a good drop while you are relaxing at night or on the weekend.

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The mini Oak Barrel has been handcrafted from American White Oak and has the feature of 2 different hoop types, Black Steel (most popular) or galvanized steel and 2L, 5L & 10L sizes available. These are barrels are the genuine article.

The Oak interior has been medium charred to add flavour & Aroma to your Wine or Liquor. A stand, bung, wooden spigot tap, and barrel care instructions are supplied with each barrel. Perfect for aging or serving wine, tequila, brandy, whiskey, scotch, bourbon, cognac, port or vinegar.

Important Information: Please clink the links below,  read and print should you choose to purchase one of our Barrels.


  • 2L     20CM Long x 18CM Wide x 21CM High
  • 5L     30CM Long x 22CM Wide x 26CM High
  • 10L   31CM Long x 27CM Wide x 31CM High

Custom Text Available On All Size Options

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Important: logo design and application is approx 5-10 working days depending on volume of orders at the time your order is placed.

Please Note: that photographs show an “artist impression” of the design, but the engraving is not “printed” it is laser engraved and  The darkness of engraving is authentically uncontrollable.

Thank you for helping us to support local businesses

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a personal name to my barrel?

Yes we do have options where a name can be added to the barrel graphic making it customised to the receiver if its for a gift.

Which is the best tap to use?

It is a really a matter of which tap looks the best to suit your decor however the brass taps give a much higher end feel to your barrel.

Is my barrel a genuine barrel or a bladder option?

You barrel is a genuine working miniature barrel meaning it needs to be sealed and it will season your drink of choice.